A Helpful Guide on Medication Adherence

A Helpful Guide on Medication Adherence

When it comes to prescription medications, it is essential to follow the doctor’s orders. The frequency and time of administration indicated in the prescription are crucial in the drug’s effectiveness. Despite the evident importance of medication adherence, a lot of people still fail to follow.

LowCost pharmacy is a premier pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio, and we want to impart helpful tips on staying on track when it comes to your medication.

  • Use Your Mobile Device – We are always on our phones and it helps us organize our daily activities. Use the reminder or alarm function on your phone to remember when to take your medication. You can also use it to keep track of refills.
  • Find A Pharmacy to Schedule Refills – Any independent pharmacy in Ohio can refill your prescriptions. It’s a matter of getting one that can schedule it accurately and remind you to pick it up. Continuous improvement means taking medications regularly, so don’t let delayed refills cause complications.
  • Utilize auto refills – When you find a go-to pharmacy, check if they have an auto-refill service you can subscribe to. This service is excellent for those who always have a hard time remembering to get refills.

Our commitment to providing quality care is more than just providing high-quality medications. It also encompasses overall wellness by looking after our customers’ adherence.

For any pharmaceutical needs, visit our pharmacy and talk to our skilled pharmacists.

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