Convincing Your Child to Take Their Medicine

Convincing Your Child to Take Their Medicine

If you ask parents about how their child would react to taking their medications, most of them would say that they’ll cry, get mad, or simply avoid it. It is not easy to convince them but you need to because it’s for their own good. Prescription medications don’t have the best taste and smell, too which makes it harder.

  • Add the medicine to their meals.
    Consult with a doctor first if the medicine that your child is taking can be crushed so you can add it to their favorite food.
  • Motivate them to take their meds by offering a reward.
    You can use stars as a visual representation for a job well done and after getting all the stars for a week, you can gift them something.
  • Try to give them a little control if they are a bit older.
    Make them understand why it is important to take the medicine and how it can help them. Let them choose flavors if there are any.
  • Do not get frustrated along with them.
    Do not be angry when they’re upset, especially with younger kids. The more you get angry or force them, the more they will resist.

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