Frequently Asked Questions for Pharmacists


Pharmacists are well-equipped to help people manage and maintain their health. It makes them a critical component of your healthcare team along with your primary providers.

They can also provide patient-centered responses to a variety of queries. However, you must also take the necessary steps to advocate for your health – which you can do by gaining as many relevant insights as you can. Need help in accomplishing this? Let us at LowCost Pharmacy, a tried-and-true pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio, lend you a hand!

Hoping to increase your awareness of all there is to your wellness, allow us, your trusted independent pharmacy in Ohio, to cater to frequently asked questions our pharmacists get:

  • What type of over-the-counter drugs should I include in my emergency supplies?

    It is generally advised to keep a stock of essential over-the-counter medications. This includes age-appropriate doses of pain and fever relievers, cough and cold suppressants, antihistamines, and antidiarrheal medicines.

  • What kind of records should I keep with my important paperwork?

    Keep duplicates of all your prescription medications. You may require them if you misplace, run out of, or damage your medication.

  • How do I judge the safety of medicine after an emergency?

    Regardless of the expiration date, do not consume medicine that has changed its color, texture, or smell. Likewise, avoid taking tablets that clump together, are harder or softer than usual, or are cracked or chipped.

Should you have further questions or concerns that you’d like to run by us, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We have six pharmacy locations in Ohio: North Olmsted, Garfield Heights, and four in Cleveland (Euclid Ave., Clark Ave., Shaker Blvd. Suite #126, and Puritas Ave.) Visit us today!

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