Helpful Tips on How to Properly Store Your Medications


Medications should be properly stored to avoid poisoning and other accidents to ensure they are effective and work as they should.

Do not let your kids play with your medications, and make sure they understand how risky it may be. You can put these medications out of their reach or, better yet, out of sight as a safety measure. It will help them avoid getting curious and throwing tantrums. To guarantee that they are securely concealed from your child’s line of sight, place them inside storage boxes, upper shelves, or locked cabinets.

You must also be aware of the factors like moisture, heat, light, and air, which can lead to damage. To prevent them from going bad before the expiry date, medications must be maintained outside of harsh environments. Stay away from bathroom cabinets where there is moisture and occasionally heat as well as kitchen cabinets that are close to burners and other hot equipment.

Make sure to immediately dispose of expired medications to avoid someone taking them accidentally. Aside from this, do not transfer your medications to a different container unless otherwise instructed by your doctor or pharmacist.

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