Hygiene Tips For Kids: Zero Tolerance For Germs

Hygiene Tips For Kids Zero Tolerance For Germs

Going back to school carries a mélange of emotions for your preschooler or grader. Help them get ready for more days of fun and learning by preparing them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Most importantly, ask your children if they have school supplies they want to reuse. These items should be disinfected to keep bacteria from spreading.

Remind your children that, whenever they share school items, they should make it a habit not to chew on any of those items or stick a finger in their mouths. These habits can help spread germ. Instead, teach them of the following hygienic activities:

  • Hand Washing
    Teach your kids to wash their hands regularly. Hand washing lowers the chances of spreading bacteria and viruses to other people. Having clean hands before touching household items and furniture is a sure way to keep a home sanitized. Washing our hands before and after eating, using the toilet and most especially after sneezing or coughing, significantly inhibits the spread of harmful microorganisms and curb the spread of diseases like the flu.
  • Clean Footwear
    As parents, we should always check the things our children use. One of the things we need to we check is their shoes. The insides of shoes are breeding grounds of microorganisms that cause eczema or fungal infections. Keep your children from getting itchy feet by washing and disinfecting their footwear.
  • Spills
    If your children’s things, like their bags, get spilled on at school, let them inform you. You can have them use temporary things while you clean out the oils, juices, sauces, and other gunk from their stuff. This will keep their things from becoming breeding grounds for harmful microorganisms.

Disinfectants can come in handy when your children need to clean themselves up. To keep them safe from bacterial and viral infections, you can also have them take vitamin and mineral supplements, which are available at our pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio.

Have a zero tolerance policy for germs at school and at home with these back-to-school hygiene tips from our friendly team at Low Cost Pharmacy. Don’t forget to share this post with a fellow parent!

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