Management Strategies for Traveling with Medication


Managing your medications at home in your regular routine can be challenging. Adding travel and a different time zone to the mix can not only disrupt your medication schedule but also make it harder to remember to take your medication. As your go-to independent pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio, we will discuss a few management strategies for when you are traveling with your medication:

  • Consult your healthcare provider.

    Your healthcare provider can determine if you’re fit to travel. They can also arrange the necessary travel vaccines, provide a prescription to ensure your medication is permitted in the destination country, and help you meet other specific health requirements.

  • Plan your dosage schedule.

    Your doctor and pharmacist can help you plan a dosage schedule to make sure you take your medication when you need it. We offer medication therapy management in Euclid, Ohio to help you manage multiple medications and prevent possible adverse effects.

  • Set reminders.

    Be aware of any time zone changes and adjust your clocks appropriately. Set reminders on your phone and consider downloading a medicine scheduling app to keep track of your doses.

  • Refill your prescriptions and pack appropriately.

    Be sure to refill your prescriptions ahead of time at your local pharmacy in Ohio. When packing, be sure to pack your medication in your hand luggage. This makes your medication easily accessible and will prevent the potential emergency of being without your medicine if your checked-in luggage is lost or delayed in transit.

With your convenience in mind, LowCost Pharmacy can be found in six different locations: North Olmsted and Garfield Heights in Ohio and Euclid Ave., Puritas Ave., Clark Ave., and Shaker Blvd. Suite #126 in Cleveland. There, you can refill your prescription medications in Ohio and receive assistance from our staff.

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