Medication Adherence Packaging Helps Manage Your Meds


Medication adherence is plays an important role in managing or preventing serious complications brought by chronic illnesses. However, non-compliance with medications continues to be a significant problem, which contributes to higher medical bills and mortality rates among individuals. Among the factors affecting their medication compliance include forgetfulness or confusion due taking several medications at a time.

One solution to this is subscribing to adherence packaging where all your prescription medications are put in one package, either blister pack or pouches, tailored to your intake regimen. Your drugs are carefully organized by dose and schedule so that it is easier for you to take your medications with the right dosage and at the proper time.

At LowCost Pharmacy, we have a variety of packaging systems, such as MedPack and BlisterPack, which are designed to help improve your medication compliance and in the overall management of your medications. We can have your medications organized by name, dosage and time for your convenience and comfort.

We are a reliable and independent pharmacy in Ohio that provides quality pharmaceutical services and medications to our customers at affordable prices. It is our goal to improve your overall well-being and quality of life through our utmost care and assistance.

Our pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio has a lot to offer. If you need assistance, you may visit our website at, or reach out to us anytime at 216-476-1400.

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