Quality Pharmaceutical Services for the Community

Good news for our customers and patrons of our pharmacy in Ohio! LowCost Pharmacy has now six branches! We take pride in serving the communities in Ohio through our pharmaceutical solutions. From Garfield Heights, Church Square, Clark, St. Luke’s, Cleveland, and now at North Olmsted! We are more than happy to serve the communities and … Continue reading

Advantages of an Independent Pharmacy in Ohio

LowCost Pharmacy is one of the trusted independent pharmacies in Ohio and has six branches in North Olmsted, Garfield Heights, Church Square, Clark, St. Luke’s, and Cleveland. Being an independent pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio, we pride ourselves in serving our local communities and aiming to offer high-quality medicines and products at great prices that are … Continue reading

Stopping Medication Once You Feel Better: The Truth

You may have heard the standard advice to “take your medication until you feel better.” But what happens when you start feeling better and stop taking your medication? While it may seem logical, stopping medication without consulting your doctor or an independent pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio, can have serious consequences. Pharmaceutical scientists make prescription medications … Continue reading

Taking Medicines Beyond Their Expiration Dates

Have you ever found old bottles of prescriptions or OTC medications in Garfield Heights, Ohio, and wondered if it was still safe? While it’s tempting to hold on to unused medications, especially if they are expensive, taking expired ones can be dangerous. Prescription medications in Ohio have a shelf life of one to five years, … Continue reading

Tips to Help You Remember to Take Your Medication

When you have been prescribed a new medication, it can be hard to get used to. Adjusting to new medicine and adding it to your routine can be challenging at first. In addition to properly storing your medications, following your treatment plan can help you stay healthy and manage your symptoms. As your trusted independent … Continue reading

Management Strategies for Traveling with Medication

Managing your medications at home in your regular routine can be challenging. Adding travel and a different time zone to the mix can not only disrupt your medication schedule but also make it harder to remember to take your medication. As your go-to independent pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio, we will discuss a few management strategies … Continue reading