We’ve Got Your Cost Needs Covered

Finding the correct medicine to meet your medical needs is critical when it comes to your health. But sometimes, or in most cases, prescription medications can be too expensive and hard to afford. The ongoing cost of prescriptions can be challenging to manage, mainly if you use many medications. More so for those who are … Continue reading

Improving Care to Attain the Best Health Outcomes

Experts generally center health outcomes on improving a patient’s well-being or quality of life, regardless of an individual’s discipline. When it comes to results, various factors impact health, particularly the medical care received, such as emergency care, specialist care, and pharmaceutical care. For instance, simply taking your medications or purchasing prescription medications from the pharmacy … Continue reading

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Prescription Refills: Contributing to Medication Adherence

Medication adherence is important in order to ensure an individual’s continued recovery or avoid further complications on their health condition. However, people with several prescription medications may forget or have difficulty in having these refilled, especially those with mobility issues. The consequences may result to risking your health and disrupt your normal functioning schedule. Your … Continue reading

Medication Adherence Packaging Helps Manage Your Meds

Medication adherence is plays an important role in managing or preventing serious complications brought by chronic illnesses. However, non-compliance with medications continues to be a significant problem, which contributes to higher medical bills and mortality rates among individuals. Among the factors affecting their medication compliance include forgetfulness or confusion due taking several medications at a … Continue reading

Medications Seniors Should Avoid or Use with Caution

Health conditions become more common as you get older, and this is true for most people. It takes a lot of medications to treat such health issues, each with its own set of directions and potential side effects. For this reason, the American Geriatrics Society or AGS Beers Criteria (informally known as the Beers list) … Continue reading

Sleeping Pill Dependence May Put Your Health at Risk

Over-the-counter sleeping pills and prescription medications are intended to be used rarely. However, many people are relying on them for bedtime relaxation even more. If you’re one of them, you might want to reconsider taking that tablet before bed. As a pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio, we understand that insomnia and other sleep disorders are treated … Continue reading

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