Tips to Help You Remember to Take Your Medication

When you have been prescribed a new medication, it can be hard to get used to. Adjusting to new medicine and adding it to your routine can be challenging at first. In addition to properly storing your medications, following your treatment plan can help you stay healthy and manage your symptoms. As your trusted independent … Continue reading

Management Strategies for Traveling with Medication

Managing your medications at home in your regular routine can be challenging. Adding travel and a different time zone to the mix can not only disrupt your medication schedule but also make it harder to remember to take your medication. As your go-to independent pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio, we will discuss a few management strategies … Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions for Pharmacists

Pharmacists are well-equipped to help people manage and maintain their health. It makes them a critical component of your healthcare team along with your primary providers. They can also provide patient-centered responses to a variety of queries. However, you must also take the necessary steps to advocate for your health – which you can do … Continue reading

A Better Understanding of How Pharmacists Can Help

Pharmacists can do so much more than most people may know. Their duties extend beyond simply providing medications; they also include promoting better and healthier lifestyles. This means that you can work closely with the pharmacists in your area to optimize your health and well-being. Want to gain a better understanding of how pharmacists can … Continue reading

Things You Can Do to Avoid Medication Side Effects

Adverse reactions, also known as side effects, are unwanted side effects that may or may not be caused by your prescriptions. They can range from minor problems like a runny nose to life-threatening problems like a heart attack or organ damage. While you may not be able to completely avoid the side effects of your … Continue reading

Helpful Tips on How to Properly Store Your Medications

Medications should be properly stored to avoid poisoning and other accidents to ensure they are effective and work as they should. Do not let your kids play with your medications, and make sure they understand how risky it may be. You can put these medications out of their reach or, better yet, out of sight … Continue reading