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The Role Of Over-the-counter Drugs On Our Health

As a society, we use a range of medications that address any type of ailment. Providing prescription medications in Ohio has given us better insight into the medication needs of our clients. However, our pharmacy in Ohio also understands that most medications that land in the hands of end-users are OTC medications. These may be … Continue reading

Benefits of Medication Therapy Reviews for You

Medication Therapy Management (MTM), also called medication reviews, is the process of reviewing patients’ medical records to see if their current medications are effective, appropriate, and safe for them. The goal is to ensure that patients receive only high-quality care from their healthcare providers. It is a meeting between you and your doctor or pharmacist … Continue reading

Why Do You Need a Medicine Cabinet at Home?

Every home should be a haven for peace and comfort. However, there will be times when this peace and comfort will be disrupted by accidents, emergencies, and even health conditions. As an independent pharmacy in Ohio, we want to aid you in your pursuit of good health in your homes. To obtain strong health at … Continue reading

Medications Seniors Should Avoid or Use with Caution

Health conditions become more common as you get older, and this is true for most people. It takes a lot of medications to treat such health issues, each with its own set of directions and potential side effects. For this reason, the American Geriatrics Society or AGS Beers Criteria (informally known as the Beers list) … Continue reading