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Factors That Affect The Effectiveness Of Your Drugs

Medications are almost always part of every recovery routine. No matter the severity of your illnesses, your health providers will integrate medications into your healing journey. As a pharmacy in Ohio, we understand that, despite their power to heal, medications may not work all the time. Let us discuss some common factors that may compromise … Continue reading

Management Strategies for Traveling with Medication

Managing your medications at home in your regular routine can be challenging. Adding travel and a different time zone to the mix can not only disrupt your medication schedule but also make it harder to remember to take your medication. As your go-to independent pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio, we will discuss a few management strategies … Continue reading

Benefits of Medication Therapy Reviews for You

Medication Therapy Management (MTM), also called medication reviews, is the process of reviewing patients’ medical records to see if their current medications are effective, appropriate, and safe for them. The goal is to ensure that patients receive only high-quality care from their healthcare providers. It is a meeting between you and your doctor or pharmacist … Continue reading