The Role Of Over-the-counter Drugs On Our Health


As a society, we use a range of medications that address any type of ailment. Providing prescription medications in Ohio has given us better insight into the medication needs of our clients.

However, our pharmacy in Ohio also understands that most medications that land in the hands of end-users are OTC medications. These may be some of the most accessible medications, but their impact on individuals and public health can be extensive.

  • Controlling Your Symptoms

    Over-the-counter medications can be powerful for controlling the symptoms of illnesses. In many cases, the symptoms of illnesses make them more deadly. OTC drugs give you the power to keep these symptoms under control. You can always come to us if you need OTC medications in Garfield Heights, Ohio.

  • Addressing Root Causes

    If OTC drugs can control symptoms, they can also address the root cause of your illnesses. With this power, OTC medications can directly contribute to your healing. And since they are OTC drugs, this healing power is highly accessible.

  • Avoiding Complications

    OTC drugs also allow us to address health conditions before they worsen. Addressing health conditions early into their progressions will avoid further damage, making your recovery easier.

We have various medication types, including OTC meds, that can contribute to your recovery at LowCost Pharmacy. We are an independent pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio, operating in six locations in the state. You can visit our Cleveland locations (Euclid Ave., Clark Ave., Shaker Blvd., Puritas Ave.) and our branches in North Olmsted and Garfield Heights.

We also offer medication therapy management in Euclid, Ohio, to supplement your recovery. Visit us today!

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