Things to Remember When Taking Prescriptions

Things to Remember When Taking Prescriptions

Prescription medications are drugs endorsed by physicians. Unlike over-the-counter drugs, pharmacies regulate prescriptions in compliance with the law. The type of drug is prone to abuse, which can be detrimental to a person’s health.

Every time a doctor prescribes your medication, you have to be mindful of the following:

  • What is the drug for?
  • Ask your doctor about your condition, subsequently collect all the facts regarding your medication.
  • What is it made of?
  • Medications contain chemicals, which may have a particular effect on a person’s body. A lot of people experience problems with their prescriptions because they failed to check the ingredients of the drug.
  • What are the side effects?

Any pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio, will tell you that every drug has side effects. It is your doctor’s responsibility to ensure that you are aware of these side effects and the contraindications.

  • What are the other risks?
  • There’s a reason why prescriptions are heavily regulated. Opioids, for example, can cause severe dependence resulting in drug abuse. Without the proper guidance, a person can easily become addicted to it. So before taking the new medication, get all the information that you need.

LowCost Pharmacy upholds high standards of service and care. As an independent pharmacy in Ohio, we encourage everyone to take note of these questions. It is your right to know, and there’s no shame in being thorough when it comes to taking medication.

For your pharmacological needs, feel free to reach out to us.

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