Tips for Adjusting to New Medication


When you have been prescribed a new medication, it can be hard to get used to it. Over time, getting into the routine and remembering to take your prescription medications will soon become second nature. Before you get to that point, you need to make adjustments to ensure you take your medications as prescribed.

As your local pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio, we will share tips to help you adjust to your new medication:

  • Develop a daily routine
    To make it easier to remember to take your medication, try to incorporate them into your daily routine. For instance, if you have to take a dose after eating breakfast, try to leave your medicine in a safe space near the fridge or dining area. You can also set an alarm on your phone or watch to remind you at a certain hour each day.
  • Allow your body time to adjust
    Your body needs time to adjust to the new medication. Some medications have mild to strong side effects that may make you feel disoriented in the beginning. However, if you are experiencing persistent symptoms, talk to your physician and pharmacist before you stop taking any medicines.
  • Discuss over-the-counter medicines
    Your physician or pharmacist can advise whether it is safe to take certain over-the-counter medications with your prescription medication. Always speak to them before taking OTC medicines on top of the drugs you’ve been prescribed to avoid any harmful interactions. This also applies to alcohol, herbal medications, and supplements.

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