Why is Immunization so Important?

Why is Immunization so Important?

If there’s anything that the previous year taught us, it’s that vaccines are important, and getting immunized is far more important to get herd immunity. Most major pharmacies, if not all, as well as any independent pharmacy in Ohio, offer immunization to protect the community from communicable diseases.

But how do vaccines really work? And how different are they from prescription medications? As you know, your prescription medicines are drugs that are used for long-term treatment. Vaccines, on the other hand, are used to obtain immunity without risks of diseases.

When we vaccinate from a pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio, it activates the immune system’s “memory”. A weakened microbe or a fragment of it is introduced into the body and activates the body’s immune system without making it sick. This way, the body is able to develop the immunity it needs against the disease.

Aside from personal protection, if everyone gets vaccinated, it develops herd immunity which means protecting those people who are not vaccinated against the disease, thus slowing down the spread. With the help of vaccination and enough people vaccinated, it is possible to fully eradicate a disease, like the case of smallpox.

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