Repercussions of Painkiller Abuse


Painkillers such as ibuprofen are a prone-to-pain person’s best friend. And given these medications’ reliever properties, there is no wonder why. But despite the temporary relief such meds provide, they also have repercussions and side effects, especially when one’s intake is more than what their doctor prescribed.

To discourage patients from increasing their painkiller doses, we have laid out some repercussions of painkiller abuse:

  • Poor Sleep Quality.
    Excessive doses of painkillers can disrupt the natural sleep cycle and can reduce the amount of deep sleep you get. Some of these medicines can also cause insomnia and night terrors.
  • Further Complications.
    Painkiller abuse can lead to serious cardiovascular issues, heart attacks, and heart disease. Increased doses can also affect your kidneys and liver negatively, which can result to tremendous amounts of pain and further complications.
  • Overdose.
    Taking more painkillers than what your doctor or an independent pharmacy in Ohio recommends can potentially lead to an overdose, a medical emergency that may result to death when appropriate procedures are not done immediately.

So, given the medical consequences and repercussions of painkiller abuse, make sure to follow the dosage prescribed by your doctor. And when availing painkillers, remember to acquire them from a reputable source such as LowCost Pharmacy, a pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio, that offers quality yet reasonably-priced medications.

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