The Dos and Don’ts of Storing Medications at Home


Stocking up on medicines is a great idea for those taking medications to maintain their health and be prepared for emergencies. To ensure the efficacy of medications, it is crucial to learn how to store them properly. Some medications need extra care, especially prescription medications with specific guidelines to achieve their desired effects.

As your trusted pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio, we will discuss the dos and don’ts of storing medications at home:


  • It is best to store your medications in a cool, dry place and keep them inside their original container or packaging. If the medicine comes in a bottle, reseal the bottle after use to avoid damaging the contents. When storing medications inside the refrigerator, make sure it is at the right temperature as recommended by your physician or the medication’s packaging.
  • To properly dispose of expired medicines, take them to your nearest drugstore. Be sure to remove any cotton balls stored inside medication bottles to prevent moisture buildup as well.


  • Avoid storing your medications where they are exposed to extreme temperatures. Do not ingest expired medicines, which may include pills that show signs of discoloration and disintegration even if the label says it is not yet expired.
  • Avoid leaving your medications unattended and within reach of children and pets, and do not tamper the silica packs inside the medicine bottles. When disposing of expired medications, do not flush them down the toilet.

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