What Are the Active Ingredients of the Pfizer Vaccine?


Near the end of August this year, the Food and Drug Administration gave the Pfizer vaccine its full approval. This is a step above Emergency Use Approval, and means that private individuals can now purchase their vaccine from any pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio like us!

Like any good consumer, of course, you should get to know the vaccine that you’ll soon be buying from a pharmacy before you do so. You should also do this with prescription medications. This is important because you might actually have an allergy to any of the substances that make up the medicine.

Because our spotlight for today is the Pfizer vaccine, which is now marketed under its commercial name Cominarty, let’s take a look at what this vaccine is, and what makes it up.

First off, Cominarty has messenger RNA as its active ingredient. This messenger contains the code that the body reads to create a viral protein that mimics the COVID-19 and triggers a response from the immune system. Once it enters the body, the mRNA releases the code and is immediately dissolved.

Together with the mRNA, the Pfizer vaccine also contains lipids that help the mRNA enter cells, as well as salt and basic table sugar. Contrary to unfounded rumors, the Pfizer vaccine does not contain any ingredients that could trigger an allergy, like venom and gluten.

It’s good that you now have a trusted vaccine available commercially from an independent pharmacy in Ohio. Call us now at LowCost Pharmacy for more information.

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