Why You Shouldn’t Miss Your Immunizations

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Your Immunizations

With the rise of people foregoing vaccinations in recent years, there has also been a resurgence of viruses and diseases such as measles and whooping cough. These are diseases that can be fatal and commonly infect children, but they are easily preventable through vaccinations.

As a pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio we often encourage our clients to have their immunizations completed. Here are some reasons why vaccines are important:

  • It protects you from preventable diseases.
    You may be at risk from disease through your job, lifestyle, travel, or health conditions. Vaccines prevent you from being seriously ill and hospitalized for preventable diseases.
  • It protects your loved ones from diseases.
    You may have a loved one that’s an infant, older adult, or person with a weakened immune system. They are vulnerable to these diseases and cannot be vaccinated. Vaccines prevent you from getting the disease and spreading it to them.
  • It prevents you from spreading disease.
    Some people in the community around you may not be able to get certain vaccines due to their health condition or age. They rely on you to help prevent the spread of disease.
  • It helps you stay healthy.
    If you have a busy life or have too much responsibility, you can’t afford to get sick. Vaccines help you avoid getting sick so you have more time for your work, family, friends, and hobbies.

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